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Ref: 1A 054

Trueform’s Victoria Gullwing Shelter provides a unique, cutting edge experience for modern transport stations. The elegant curves of the shelter design protect passengers from exposure to harsh weather conditions and transform the platform into a covered area accessible all-year-round. The open plan design of the shelter keeps the platform fully accessible to all and makes effective use of space during peak hours. In addition to this, The Victoria Gullwing shelter prioritises inclusivity and access for the disabled by complying with both DDA and ADA standards.


The shelter provides an excellent platform for marketing though the advertising space built into the Gullwing’s design.  Proposals can be placed inconspicuously within the structure of the shelter itself creating useful spaces for billboards, public notices and other content. Intelligent electronic systems can also fit within the hardware of the unit, futureproofing the station for the upcoming advances in smart technology.


Safety is a paramount concern within public structures and Trueform’s designs are no exception. The Victoria Gullwing Shelter is robust and sturdy with a special ‘shock absorbing’ glazing retention system built into the unit. The shelter is also completely BSI compliant, meeting the highest standards of construction.


Trueform products offer unparalleled safety features, providing a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing experience for commuters.

TfGM Victoria Gullwing Waiting Shelter

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