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Ref: 1A 024

Trueform’s recent work includes the supply of a range of Skyline shelters to towns and cities across the UK. The Skyline is a bold bus shelter solution with an innovative flexible and modular design, expertly crafted into a sleek and contemporary package.


Despite the small footprint, Trueform’s design expertise ensures that each unit is capable of withstanding the demands of operating within an urban public transport network. The Skyline bus shelter delivers unrivalled performance with engineering-grade construction and vandal-proof glazing retention systems.


As a forward-thinking company, Trueform places innovation at the forefront of each and every design. With the ability to adapt the unit to support various forms of smart technology, including totems and interactive kiosks, the Skyline bus shelter provides a truly permanent solution which is built to last.

Skyline Shelter

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