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Ref: 1A 015

Trueform’s Sinewave Shelter provides a striking, contemporary solution for urban transport systems. With a modular architecture and range of finishes available, the Sinewave Shelter is a truly adaptable transport shelter ready for deployment in any town or city.


The elegant, curved roof shelters passengers from the elements, perfectly merging functionality and style. Designed and constructed with engineering-grade materials, the body of the unit is robust and vandal resistant to ensure great aesthetics for years to come.


A truly forward-thinking unit, the Sinewave Shelter features built in capabilities for RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA and solar panels to allow for easy upgrades in the future.


The inbuilt display units provide the Sinewave Shelter with unrivalled marketing and public information capabilities.


In addition to this, Trueform’s special shock absorbing glazing retention system offers peace of mind by placing safety at the forefront of the design.

Sinewave Shelter

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