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Ref: 1A 052

Trueform’s NET2 Mini Gullwing Shelter provides the same excellent passenger experience as the rest of the range but simply in a more economical package.


The more compact structure of the Mini Gullwing Shelter lends itself to more restricted spaces where a larger footprint may be an issue.  The Mini Gullwing brings Trueform’s high quality, weatherproof shelters to areas with limited space such as small platforms, busy footpaths and narrow walkways.


The NET2 Mini Gullwing provides an excellent platform for marketing and public announcement, featuring built-in space for promotional displays. While retaining a compact footprint, the Mini Gullwing Shelter offers plenty of real estate for commercial and local advertising. With the option to add smart technology and intelligent systems alongside the existing RTPI, audio PA and CCTV features, the Mini Gullwing is a truly future-proof unit.


Offering excellent value for money, the Mini Gullwing boasts the same safety and comfort features as our larger models. Equipped with shock absorbing glazing retention systems and anti-vandal technology, the Mini Gullwing is designed to provide a long lasting, high quality and safe experience for passengers within a smaller, more economical package.

NET2 Mini Gullwing Waiting Shelter

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