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Ref: 1A 053

The Gullwing Tram Shelter is completely future-proof and forward-thinking, offering compatibility with the latest Smart City technology including information systems, RTPI displays, CCTV and audio PA.


Trueform’s Gullwing Tram Shelter emphasises quality as the highest priority. The structure is fully compliant with BSI structural regulations and finished to a high standard, presenting passengers with a premier public transport experience. The special shock absorbing glazing retention system ensures that passengers always remain protected, offering unrivalled safety and comfort features.


The wide-reaching, open design of the unit maximises the amount of weatherproof space on the platform, providing excellent visibility and ease of use. Additionally, Trueform’s shelters meet DDA and ADA standards to provide inclusive access and comfort for the elderly and disabled.


With a range of high quality finishes and installation options available, the Trueform Gullwing Tram Shelter offers a versatile and comfortable solution for public transit needs.

NET2 Gullwing Tram Shelter

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