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Ref: 1A 021

Trueform uses a range of engineering-grade materials to create contemporary and innovative bus shelters that provide optimum comfort, safety, and protection to passengers. The range of available foundation, installation, and configuration options are all ADA, DDA, and BSI compliant to ensure they are as inclusive as possible for all members of the community. In order to guarantee a long-lasting performance, this shelter is future-proofed through it’s technological capability to accept advanced information systems, such as RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA, and kiosks.


The shelter is installed with quick-release yet tamper-proof fittings that allow for rapid, cost-effective maintenance while preventing vandalism and public interference. The unique shock-absorbing glazing retention system further protects the shelter and the public by preventing it from shattering in a way that could harm the public under heavy impact.

MK Shelter

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