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Ref: 1A 005

Trueform’s metro shelter allows for a flexible innovative design & adaptable construction process which is why you’ll see it in many major cities. The Metro shelter provides a variety of foundation and installation options meaning it can be built to adhere to specific requirements.


Bus Shelter Specification

  • Roof: Polycarbonate curved roof
  • Finish: Galvanised Mild Steel and Polyester Powder Coated
  • Glazing: Toughened safety glass
  • Seating: Perch Seating
  • 1400mm Roof width x 2505mm Tip Roof Height
  • 3x standard lengths (others available on request) 
    - 2 Bay: 2654mm L
    - 3 Bay: 3726mm L
    - 4 Bay: 4795mm L
  • Powdercoated any RAL colour as standard


Upgrade options - Future proofed design

  • Courtesy Lighting
  • Timetable/Publicity Display
    DDRU Display – 707mm L x 1090mm H – Visual Area – = 606mm L x 988mm H
    DQRU Display – 1343mm L x 1088mm H – Visual Area – = 1244mm L x 988mm H 
  • Real Time Information Display


Delivery time

Typical delivery time: 10 - 20 working days from order placement


Metro Shelter

RAL Colours
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