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Ref: 1A 005

Trueform’s metro shelter allows for a flexible innovative design & adaptable construction process which is why you’ll see it in many major cities. The Metro shelter provides a variety of foundation and installation options meaning it can be built to adhere to specific requirements.


A range of glazing materials and options are available, including the special ‘shock absorbing’ glazing retention system introduced by Trueform. The Metro shelter is built with engineering grade and construction materials making it an extremely robust option, whilst being additionally resistant from potential vandalism.


The Metro shelter has the flexibility to incorporate a range of intelligent electronics transport hardware; including CCTV, solar panels, kiosks and RTPI displays, providing future proof potential. As well as being modern and efficient, the Metro shelter uses contemporary architectural detailing to optimise the comfort, safety and protection for each passenger.


The Metro shelter is extremely adaptable making it easily maintainable at a low cost. The amount of maintenance required is reduced since the shelter boasts a variety of tamper proof features. If any damage is occurred however, the shelter has many quick release options, making the fix cheaper and more efficient.  The structures used comply with BSI structural standards and regulations as well as being fully DDA & ADA compliant.


Metro Shelter

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