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Ref: 1A 0020.2

Trueform have unparalleled experience in the design, fabrication and installation of transport shelters. Our Market Street Integra Shelter benefits from our flexible, modular construction techniques, which allow us to install our shelters in a variety of configurations and sizes in order to best match the requirements of our clients. Our range of high-grade material options ensures a long-lasting performance.


There are many features of the Market Street Integra Shelter that make it perfect for city centres, including its ability to be installed with RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA systems and kiosks for easy ticket dispensing. The contemporary architectural aesthetics and construction will suit any modern city, with a range of high quality finishes available to emphasise its sleek and stylish design.


Our unique shock-absorbing glazing retention system ensures minimal risk of injury to passengers should the glazing be damaged, and the quick-release fittings make maintenance quick and easy. These fittings are also tamper-proof, preventing public interference and vandalism.

Market Street Integra Waiting Shelter

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