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Ref: 1A 050

As leading bus, rail and trail shelter specialists, Trueform provides a range of solutions for the UK’s leading transport interchanges. Trueform has recently been awarded a contract to supply Luton Busway with modern shelter solutions, delivering the area with sleek and contemporary units befitting of the area’s reputation as a transport hub.


Trueform ensures that each unit is completely futureproof, providing compatibility with all the latest smart technology and other digital features. Each bus shelter allows for the easy installation of CCTV, audio PA, USB charging and interactive kiosk features, offering a truly modern user experience.


Trueform bus shelters are renowned the world over for their strength, durability and safety. With engineering-grade construction and a unique glazing retention system, Luton’s busway shelters ensure that all passengers are delivered with the world-class experience they deserve.

Luton Busway Shelter

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