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Ref: 1A 001.1

The Legacy Heritage Shelter incorporates a sleek and stylish appearance with our innovative construction and installation expertise. Available in a range of configurations and sizes, our shelters benefit from our flexible, modular fabrication methods. Constructed with engineering grade materials, all of our shelters at Trueform are designed to be robust and durable, delivering a long-lasting, reliable performance.


Not only will our shelters last for years to come due to our unique shock-absorbing glazing retention system with tamper-proof fixings, our shelters are also future-proofed by their ability to accept a wide range of advanced information systems. CCTV, audio PA, RTPI displays and kiosks are just some of the technological features we can install on our shelters.


A wide range of foundation options are available, all of which are fully ADA and DDA compliant in order to make these shelters as inclusive as possible for disabled and elderly passengers.

Legacy Heritage Bus Shelter

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