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Ref: 1A 020

As a leading provider of transport shelters, Trueform is proud to present the Integra solution – a premium all-weather rail and bus shelter design with a flexible and modular construction.

The Integra Shelter allows for the seamless integration of ticket machines and other interactive units. Placing the user experience at the forefront of its design, the shelter delivers a complete weatherproof solution suitable for use in any bus, train or light rail interchange.


Trueform emphasises inclusivity within each and every project. All shelter units are ADA and DDA compliant, ensuring ease of access for both the elderly and the disabled. In addition to this, a range of smart systems can be implemented into each Integra solution. A non-exhaustive list of compatible features includes: RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA, solar power, glazing retention, interactive kiosks and other digital information systems.

Integra Shelter

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