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Ref: 1A 002.3

The Gullwing Heritage Shelter is an elegant and modern bus shelter that brings together the best in our design and engineering expertise to bring create and build a waiting shelter that is versatile enough to be part of any town or city across the country.


Built from high-quality and materials, the bus shelter is designed with strength and longevity in mind. From the alloys in the metals to the ingredients in the finishing paint, all aspects of the structure are designed to last as long as possible and be vandal resistant.


By investing in the long-term practicality of the shelter, Trueform has created a shelter that ensures that the shelter is as cost-effective as possible. The Gullwing Heritage Shelter is also compliant with BSI structural standards and regulations as well as fully DDA and ADA complaint.


The gullwing design of the glass shelter ensures the maximum amount of room inside for the comfort of commuters and provides excellent protection for those waiting inside against the elements all year round.

Gullwing Heritage Shelter

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