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Ref: 1A 002.1

With a captivating modern design and versatility to seamlessly fit into any major city or town’s street hardware, it’s no wonder that the Gullwing Fishergate Shelter can be found across the nation. Every aspect has been considered during the design phases and innovation was an important part of the process. The public transport canopy is part of a modular design that makes the design of each bus shelter flexible and customisable to customer requirements.


With the glass canopy above the waiting passengers, the commuters have excellent visibility all around them and are free to come and go as they please with no barriers between them and their destination. This design element also makes the shelter fully accessible to any disabled users or passengers with a pram as they do not have to negotiate any doors or passageways.


The shelter provides excellent cover from the elements such as rain, sleet and hail, keeping those waiting underneath dry. With great access to seating and a resting area on both sides of the shelter, it maximises the amount of space utilised without taking up much of the pavement space.

Gullwing Fishergate Shelter

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