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Ref: 1A 002.2

The Gullwing BRT Shelter features an all-glass design emphasising both cutting edge contemporary aesthetics and safety. The sharp, modern Gullwing-style roof protects passengers from harsh conditions all year round while the glass panel sides allow for natural light to pass through. These elements combine to form a modern, sleek look, allowing the Trueform shelter to blend effortlessly into any environment. Offering open spaces, high visibility and an unobtrusive design, the Gullwing BRT Fastlink Shelter creates an inclusive facility usable by all. Complying with both DDA and ADA guidelines, Trueform shelters offer excellent access for those with disabilities and other extra requirements.


As well as being modular and flexible, the shelter is also extremely robust. Shock absorbing glazing retention systems ensure the highest possible level of passenger safety while the rigid steel structure guarantees long lasting performance. By implementing such rigorous safety features, Trueform aim to achieive optimal passenger protection, comfort and satisfaction.

Gullwing BRT Shelter

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