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Ref: 1A 001.1

Trueform’s Flight Heritage offers a sleek and modern design with engineering grade construction and materials. The contemporary architectural aesthetics and robust, safe design allow the Flight Heritage to provide an unrivalled, high-quality passenger experience.


Trueform use the highest components to ensure maximum passenger safety and comfort as well as a long-lasting and easy to maintain finish. In addition to providing excellent long-term performance, the shelter is also resistant to both vandalism and accidental damage. The modular design is easy to construct and maintain through a quick release system while also remaining fully tamper proof.  The shelter also is fully compliant with BSI structural regulations as well as offering full DDA and ADA compliance for full inclusivity among passengers.


As a forward-thinking product, the Flight Heritage Shelter is fully compatible with smart technology with the ability to accept RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA, solar power and more. Alongside the high standards of construction, Trueform’s design serves to completely futureproof Flight Heritage stations and create a product which will remain in use for many years to come.

Flight Heritage Shelter

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