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Ref: 1A 0012.1

The Discovery Diffusion Shelter from Trueform offers commuters the comfort and security of an enclosed space with the freedom of being able to easily enter and leave the shelter. Not only is the shelter a practical solution for public transport users, it provides a stunning focal point for the public and its architectural design attracts the attention of the promotional space.


Every aspect has been considered during the design phases and innovation was an important part of the process. The public transport canopy is part of a modular design that makes the design of each bus shelter flexible and customisable to customer requirements.


Built with intelligent electronic hardware, the bus shelter is ready for future technologies and makes it the ultimate transport marketing platform.


The strength of the materials used makes it one of the strongest and most vandal resistant shelters in the UK. Quick release yet tamper proof features make it ideal for quick and cost effect maintenance.


Fully DDA and ADA compliant, the Discovery Diffusion Shelter is the choice of many major cities. Get in touch with us to find out more about the Discovery Diffusion Shelter.

Discovery Diffusion Shelter

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