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Ref: 1A 047.1

With contemporary architectural aesthetics and detailing, the Centro Gullwing Shelter is an innovative, modular, and flexible bus shelter that is available in a range of configurations and sizes. All Trueform shelters are built using engineering-grade materials to construction standards, as well as BSI, ADA, and DDA regulations, and the shock-absorbing glazing retention system prevents it from shattering and causing injury to the public. At Trueform, public comfort, safety, and protection is our key focus.


With a range of high-grade material and finish options for long-lasting performance, it’s no surprise the Centro Gullwing Shelter is the choice of most modern cities. The quick-release features allow for easy maintenance but are tamper-proof to prohibit public interference. This shelter is technologically enabled to accept advanced information systems, such as audio PA systems, RTPI displays, CCTV and kiosks for tickets and information.

Centro Gullwing Shelter

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