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Ref: 1A 018

With a striking design and a uniquely curved profile, the Burslem bus shelter brings a touch of modern innovation to the high street. Ideal for providing a contemporary edge to any town or city centre, the flexible and modular design allows for easy installation into a range of different locations. As a leading supplier of bus shelter solutions, Trueform has key experience in delivering successful projects both in the UK and internationally.


The Burslem bus shelter incorporates the latest smart transport technology, offering a powerful and futureproof solution. Additional features such as CCTV, audio PA options, interactive kiosks and USB charging ports can be built directly into the unit itself, ensuring that the bus shelter is completely ready for the 21st century.


Trueform prides themselves on the durability of each unit. With robust construction and glazing retention technology, Trueform places safety at the heart of each design.

Burslem Shelter

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