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For London’s Underground stations, only the highest quality signage and fabrications will deliver an experience becoming of a world-class transport network. With millions of people using the tube each year, the entire service depends upon the network’s practical and efficient designs.


Trueform has supplied Transport for London (TfL) with a range of leading station canopies. Now in use throughout London, the bold design can be outside stations such as Bond Street in Central London.


Trueform is proud to work closely with TfL to deliver world-leading solutions across the city. With key experience in producing robust and effective signage and shelter solutions, Trueform has the capability to bring London’s high-quality designs to the rest of the world.



  • Public Transport Systems
  • Airports
  • Bus & Train Platforms & Stations
  • Government, Public & Commercial Buildings
  • Sporting Events, Venues & Arenas
  • Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Permanent & Temporary (portable) Solutions


Bond Street Canopy

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