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Ref: 1A 036

We have used high-quality stainless steel to increase the strength and durability of our Anti-Vandal Rail Shelter to make sure that it resists some of the strongest attacks from vandals. Here at Trueform, we have concentrated on the design and manufacturing processes to ensure that it deters and resists any damage.


Our robust Metroplan Anti-Vandal Shelters have been specifically designed for rail platforms and bus waiting applications, available in a range of configurations and sizes to suit any environment or location.


The modular and innovative design includes future proofed additions and it is technology enabled to help assist commuters and staff. The shelters offer the best of passenger protection without compromising on comfort or safety.


We have included a special ‘shock absorbing’ glazing retention system to help protect from vandalism and provides excellent space for a transport marketing platform.


Anti Vandal Rail Shelter

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