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PaperCast E-Paper Bus Stop

Ref: 2A 004


Trueform are an authorised re-seller of Papercast E-Paper displays.


Papercast E-Paper displays use reflected light, as opposed to emitted light. This means that anything displayed on an E-Paper displays works in any lighting condition which means no matter what the weather, you’ll be able to read information on an E-Paper display as well as you would be able to read information on paper. And when it gets dark, low-power LED edge lighting will ensure that information will be easily displayed in the later hours too.


The displays are also almost 1/3rd lighter than current LCD displays, meaning that installation is possible in a wide variety of locations, including in direct sunlight.


E-Paper displays are also durable and reliable. With built-in environmental robustness, E-Paper displays are protected from moisture, UV rays and are flame resistant.


E-Paper displays are over 36 times more energy efficient than a similar sized LCD screen. This means that the amount of power used in an LCD display for 20 hours would last 720 hours in a E-Paper displays. The benefits of this are a huge reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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