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Clean Air Shelter

The inclusion of an air filtration system to improve air quality by drawing in the surrounding air, removing suspended particles and releasing the cleaner air. With the air filtration system positioned on the underside of the canopy creating an air curtain, or incorporated onto the end panel of the shelter, keeping polluted air out of the protected space.


Our engineering team had significant design input with the challenge of adding additional weight to the shelter structure and power concerns, whilst not compromising the overall aesthetics of the standard bus shelter.


Filtration system benefits: 

  • Anti-bacteria, nano-porous filter 

  • Removes fine suspended particles in the air 

  • Decomposes volatile organic compounds 

Pre-filtration filters and HEPA filtration which purifies the air by up to 85%. The clean air is blown into the bus shelter through openings in the roof. This happens through small inlets which are pressurised and lock out the outdoor contaminated air. Our specialist sensors are measuring temperature, humidity and particulate levels PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. 

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All of our shelters are available in range of sizes, configurations, materials, finishes and colours.


Our technical sales team are available to discuss your requirements in more details.


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